Title Language

To switch between Japanese (Romaji) and English titles, simply toggle the language option here.

Homepage Trailer

Toggle this feature to stop video previews on homepage. Enabled by default for a streamlined experience, consumes more data.


Experience uninterrupted content with our autoskip feature! It automatically skips through intros, outros, so you can enjoy without clicking.


Let the entertainment roll with our autoplay feature! No need to press play—the next video starts automatically, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.


Experience non-stop entertainment with our autonext feature! It automatically plays the next video, so you can enjoy a continuous streaming experience without lifting a finger.

Mute Audio

Choose whether to mute the audio or not.

Load Strategies

Automatically determines when the video or poster image starts loading. Loading too early can slow down your app, so choose carefully.

1) Idle (Recommended)

2) Visible (Normal)

3) Eager (Fast, Advanced)


Themes (Beta)

Change the app's theme | Request more themes in our Discord!

Privacy & Account

Clear Cookies (Beta)

This will reset your app/browser's Cookies (Clears Watch History in local, and logs out your AniList if logged in)

Incognito Mode (Beta)

Prevent saving your watch history and adding anime to your lists. Plus, Anilist tracking is also disabled. (Note: You'll be logged out of your AniList account, Log in again to turn this off)

Account Settings (Dangerous)

Check what we collect, your Account information, your AI Chats history, or delete your account from our records

App Information

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